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Benefits Of Rainwater Drainage Systems


Every building whether hotel, residential property, office building or hospital has a rainwater drainage system. We usually just accept that these square or semi-circular strips which run along the roof edge, leading to a downpipe are just there. Most people, however, do not know why they have them and why they should inspect and maintain them regularly as well as ensure they are in their best working condition.

Reasons why you need a rainwater drainage system

Reduce the risk of walls being wet


This is the first benefit of having a rainwater drainage system. All water that accumulates on the roof when it rains need to go somewhere. If the house does not have these systems in place, the water will run down the walls from the roof. This causes the walls to be damp and lead to leaks over time. It is cheaper to make sure your rainwater drainage system is working properly and that there is no debris in the system than fixing the dampness of your walls.

Steers water in a chosen direct line

Rainwater systems will lead water to the direction you want it to go away from your property. The water runs into the system then it is pushed along the gutter to the downpipe. The down pipe has a link to your storm water drain that washes away below the road and away from your home.

Reduces the risk of leaks on your property

When it rains, there is always a risk of water leaking into your house at some point. Whereas most people check the roofs, you should make sure you have a system in place that reduces this risk. Focus on using a rainwater drainage system as it is an effective solution to this problem. The water is pushed away hence lowering the risk of wetting your walls and ceiling which can be costly.

Rainwater harvesting

roofingleftasdfghnjmkThese systems are very effective when it comes to harvesting of rainwater. You can buy rain barrels at any gardening store then connect it to the downpipe. This way the barrel will collect rainwater that is useful for watering your garden and saves you from using tap water for the same.

Today rainwater systems come in PVC which is durable, lightweight and cheap. This has made the installation of these systems easy. It also eliminates the possibility of rust can easily be cut to the required length to reduce seams. Fewer seams mean that water dripping to your gutter is reduced.