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Nick Zimura

Global Ambassador
Program Participant
My parents started the grassroots philanthropic foundation, now known as Lillian Watson Values (LWV) in the mid 1980s. I grew up witnessing their charitable endeavors, and admiring it. I took over their work a few years back, and have enjoyed the challenge. I met a lot of challenges, and desperately needed support and help navigating how to conquer these challenges. It was by sheer luck that I stumbled into Phelps Stokes, and after one meeting I knew this was where all my challenges were going to be met head on. I have been a Phelps Stokes Global Ambassador for more than a year, and the experience has been nothing but awesome.

My partnering with Phelps Stokes has led me to meet very interesting, influential and intelligent people. I have learned a lot, and my network of contacts has grown exponentially. Phelps Stokes has opened doors that were not only unthinkable, but those that I wasn’t aware of. The sheer mention of Phelps Stokes name helps with the credibility factor that most small organizations like LWV suffer. The support staff at the offices of Phelps Stokes has been tremendous at giving me all the assistance I can get. 

Being a global ambassador has enriched my work, my professionalism and my personal life. Phelps Stokes has taken me to heights I could not have otherwise gone alone!!!