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Jorge Luque

Latino Youth Leadership
Program Participant
My name is Jorge Luque and I am from Panama City, Panama. My first language is Spanish although I am fluent in English as well. Halfway through the year of 2009, I moved to the United States of America with the hopes of receiving a higher level of education. One year later I was accepted into Duke Ellington School of the Arts as a guitar major. Since then I have been working very hard, academically and artistically, in order to become a successful musician. My ultimate goal in life is to promote moral principles and values such as unity, equality and generosity through the influence of music.
However, to accomplish said goal I need basic leadership skills which is why I decided to participate in the Latino Youth Global Leadership Program. By the end of the program I hope to have gained more self-confidence and the ability to effectively speak in public. I also hope to understand better the racial and ethnic issues currently occurring in our society and how can I improve them.     Finally, I am also interested in the college preparation and scholarship opportunities that the Latino Youth Global Leadership Program offers.
So far I have enjoyed my experience at the Latino Youth Global Leadership Program. I have learned more about what one’s identity means and what the differences between race and ethnicity are. I have also learned about the values, skills and characteristics that make someone a leader. Most importantly though, I have learned much from the experiences shared by the other participants of the program. Experiences and opinions which have contributed to my personal growth have made me even more aware of how people are treated differently based on their race or ethnicity. I have also shared some of my own experiences and views with other members which has improved my conversational skill and the ability to express my ideas. I am looking forward to keep participating in the program and further improve my leadership skills.