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Join us in NYC Thursday!

Join us Thursday November 8th for the first Phelps Stokes event in NYC in over 11 years! 

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Tiburce Chaffa Represents GYIN and African Youth at One Young World Conference

Take a look at this great video of Tiburce Chaffa, Benin, representing African youth and GYIN at the One Young World Conference. 


"We need to talk about the problems, find a solution, and ACT." - T. Chaffa

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Phelps Stokes Celebrates World Food Day with GYIN

This world food day, Phelps Stokes is proud to acknowledge the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN).   GYIN was formed from a partnership between Phelps Stokes and the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). GYIN is an organization dedicated to providing young entrepreneurs with connections and resources that assist  them in becoming “agents of change” in the fight against poverty in their home communities. In keeping with IFAD’s focus on the first Millenium Development Goal, the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, GYIN works with young agribusiness entrepreneurs to develop new ways to reduce poverty, help people in developing countries improve their level of food security and nutrition, and help farmers increase resilience and revenue. 

The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that, in Sub-Saharan Africa, about 60 percent of the unemployed population are young people between the ages of 15 and 24.  On average, 72 percent of this juvenile population lives on less than $2 per day. The young people who are employed work mainly in agriculture, a sector where they represent 65 percent of the workforce. Knowing this, GYIN’s work with young agricultural entrepreneurs serves a dual purpose: in promoting the development of new strategies and technologies in areas such as farming, livestock, fish breeding, seed supply, machinery, and processing, GYIN is helping to provide both jobs and food to those in need.

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Save the Date : Palaver Hut

Getting excited for World Food Day?! So are we!! Save the Date November 8th at 8:30 join us in New York with NYU's Global Health Public Action Network for a great Palaver Hut on the world food crisis, urban farming, and what the youth can do to make a great impact!!

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Happy 1st Birthday Global Youth Innovation Network

It has only been one year, but so much has happened. We are so proud of our GYIN Youth Ambassadors, grateful to our friends, partners, and sponsors, and believe that together we can nurture a new generation of global leaders!! Help us, by investing in the future leaders of the world. Join the team, invest in global leaders.

A note from GYIN: 

Exactly a year ago, I wasn't born. yet people were eagerly waiting for my manifestation.As Phelps Stokes and ifad met in Cartagena and discussed about the challenges of young people upon the face of the earth, then sprung the idea of a youth led initiative. They brought together 60 young delegates from Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. As they young people travailed during three days of inten

se exchange of experiences, knowledge and best practices, i came forth, i was born. 

Today I am celebrating my first anniversary and i want to thank everyone that contributed to my birth as well as those you have watched upon me till now.

If there is anyone out there reading this message, you should know my ultimate purpose in life is to REDUCE POVERTY AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE IN RURAL AND URBAN AREAS. 

From Malabo to Pretoria, Lima to Sao Paolo, Beijing to Mumbai, New York to Toronto, Moscow to Paris Young people are the solution to what it is the world is going through today.

Happy Anniversary to myself and my sincere acknowledgments to Pape Samb and Moses Abukari

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Agents of Change: GYIN Ambassadors Discuss the Role of African Diaspora Youth in Today's World.

The final stop on the GYIN ambassador’s whirlwind tour was Washington DC. On September 20th, GYIN ambassadors Tiburce Chaffa, Solomon Allavi, Abigail Simmons, and Melissa MacMaster participated in the Ronald H. Brown Roundtable panel discussion on the role of the African Diaspora youth in today’s world. The panel was hosted by DC Mayor’s Office on African Affairs, Phelps Stokes, The Africa Society, and The Constituency for Africa.

The panel brought together youth leaders from the African diaspora and the continent to address the topic of youth engagement in Africa, prompted by the question “How can the African Diaspora youth be successfully engaged and empowered to become agents of change in Africa… and what role can the United States play to support the African Diaspora youth…in this new global economic environment?” The goal of this conversation was to create and strengthen the connections between African youth around the world. Panelist Melissa MacMaster believes that these connections are the keys to successful solutions; “[Youth] need to connect each to other and use our resources to solve issues … on a global level. Youth has huge potential and are creative.” 

The discussion was moderated by Ngozi Nmezi, director of the DC Mayor’s Office on African Affairs, and included Dr. Reuben Brigety, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Dr. Brigety spoke in support of the major goals of both this event and GYIN as a whole, “We  [as a government]… try to ensure that [African youth] actually have a seat at the table in their home countries so that their host leaders…can look at young people not simply as the people that ought to be seen but not heard, but can see them as a true resource in their own country.”  Panelist Leila Samara also spoke enthusiastically about youth involvement, “we as Africans and African Americans need to engage in the issue of our time. We can change the way our government works.”

The GYIN ambassadors have headed back to their homes around the world, ready to work hard and inspire change. Upon returning home to Benin, GYIN ambassador Tiburce Chaffa summed up the sentiment of the conference in an inspiring tweet: “Back in Benin, Africa ... a new era begins, a new me is born - Tell my future to watch out.”

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Bringing the World to Tuskegee and Tuskegee to the World

On September 16th, the visiting Global Youth Innovation Network ambassadors traveled to Tuskeegee, Alabama to attend the GYIN Summit, hosted by Tuskeegee University in collaboration with Phelps Stokes. The GYIN ambassadors were also joined by GYIN ambassadors Melissa MacMaster of Canada; and Nick Zemura, of Zimbabwe.

During this three day conference, young entrepreneurs from five continents joined forces with Tuskeegee students to learn about Tuskegee University’s model of “learning by doing” and strong commitment to both community involvement and global engagement. Zemura was very impressed with Tuskegee University’s success at retaining a strong spirit of community while  approaching issues from a more “worldly,” global perspective. As Gilbert L. Rochon, Tuskegee University’s sixth president put it, Tuskeegee University aims to  “[bring] the world to Tuskegee and Tuskegee to the world.”

The summit hosted notables such as Mulbah Jackollie, principal of the Booker Washington Institute in Liberia, an organization which Phelps Stokes helped to found in 1929; A. Zaccheus Payne, president of the Booker Washington Institute National Alumni Association of North America; John Fanhbutu, president of the Maryland chapter of the institute’s alumni association; and Pape Samb, president and CEO of Phelps Stokes.

The summit participants also met with many prominent members of the Tuskegee community, including several professors, entrepreneurs, and mayor Omar Neal.  “Tuskegee is just not a place,” Neal explained in his speech to the GYIN ambassadors, “but a spirit of excellence and creativity.”

A highlight of the summit was the GYIN ambassadors’ participation in the Tuskeegee Global Forum’s  dialogue on the Global South Initiative. The goal of this conversation was to facilitate and strengthen connection between communities to develop sustainable business and development projects.  The three day event also included workshops on topics relating to business development, international education, and agricultural production. The GYIN ambassadors learned about Tuskegee history and Tuskegee University’s partnerships and community outreach initiatives with visits to the George Washington Carver Museum; The Oaks at Tuskegee, historic home of Booker T. Washington; the Al Brooks Vegetable Production and Processing Center; and the Wal-Mart distribution center. These experiences helped Tiburce Chaffa, an GYIN ambassador and entrepreneur from Benin, realize the importance of strong community partnerships in global development; “The first thing is the need to stay connected to the community if we want to have a greater impact.”



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GYIN Ambassadors Take Part in Millenium Campus Conference 2012

On September 14th and 15th, the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) ambassadors took part in the fourth annual Millennium Campus Conference at Northwestern University in Boston, where they hosted a workshop on community partnerships. The Millennium Campus Conference is a conference held by the Millenium Campus Network, an non-profit focused on students organizing around the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The The conference brought together over 1,000 students and 40 speakers, including keynote speaker Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University; Paul Farmer, Co-Founder and CSO of Partners In Health; and Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee. The speakers particularly focused on the importance of today’s youth to global development goals; “We have our challenges ahead and you are the ones that will make the difference,” Sachs explained to the students, “it will be your brains, your hearts, your efforts on the ground that determine if we succeed.”

At the conference, members of GYIN’s Youth Advisory Group ran an engaging workshop on community partnership, particularly focusing on the role of the partnership between Phelps Stokes and The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in forming GYIN. Phelps Stokes President and CEO Pape Samb also served as keynote speaker on a panel discussion of the differences between local and global thinking in regards to leadership, action, and impact. The workshop was very successful; several participants stayed for an extra 45 minutes after the session to ask questions and continue the discussion. During the keynote panel, Pape expressed his belief that thinking locally and thinking globally are not mutually exclusive or at odds with one another, but rather intertwined; “We have to think locally global and globally local.” These words of wisdom went on to become one of the catchphrases of the conference.


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GYIN Ambassadors Take Manhattan

Phelps Stokes recently hosted a delegation of Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) ambassadors. On September 12
th, entrepreneurs Tiburce Chaffa, of Benin; Solomon Allavi, of Ghana; and Phelps Stokes intern Abigail Simmons, of Washington, DC arrived in New York City. The GYIN ambassadors have been working together long distance for several months. They traveled to the United States for the opportunity to continue building new partnerships with both individuals and organizations.

Upon arriving in New York, the GYIN ambassadors were joined by members of Phelps Stokes’ New York for an enlightening conversation with Dr. Jack McGourty, Director of Community and Global Entrepreneurship at the Columbia Business School, which focused on issues regarding youth business and policy change in Africa. This conversation was followed by a tour of the Columbia School of Journalism, led by award winning journalist and Phelps Stokes senior fellow Professor Melvin McCray. GYIN ambassadors Chaffa and Allavi are currently working with the online publication Smart Economies, Africa, and the Diaspora (SEADiaspora) as web journalists, writing about their perspectives on what is currently going on in their home countries of Benin and Ghana, respectively.

After Columbia, the GYIN ambassadors and Phelps Stokes team attended a tour of the United Nations Headquarters. GYIN is a product of the partnership between Phelps Stokes and the International Fund for Agricultual Development (IFAD), part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This trip helped to show the GYIN ambassadors that at the United Nations, the international center of the world, people really are thinking globally. One of the highlights of this visit was the prominent display of a quote by Nobel Laureate and Phelps Stokes trustee Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, featured in the  “The United Nations: From War to Development” exhibition; “It is only by patient, persistent effort, by trial and error, that peace can be won.” 

GYIN and Phelps Stokes finished off the afternoon by visiting the GrowNYC Youthmarket’s Lower East Side location. GrowNYC is a New York non-profit which works to increase access to healthy, locally grown food in dense urban areas. They spoke with Youthmarket Manager Ryan Morningstar, as well as several Youthmarket participants, about their experiences with youth entrepreneurship, agribusiness, and  urban agriculture. The GYIN ambassadors were particularly interested in the concept known as a “food desert”; an urban area with little to no access, whether physical or financial,  to fresh, natural food, a problem which the GrowNYC Youthmarket aims to address in  by bringing food and nutritional education to these areas.

This exciting series of events marked the beginning of the GYIN ambassadors US Tour, on which they continued to Boston, Tuskegee, and Washington, DC.

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International Youth Day 2012: Building partnerships with young rural people worldwide

ROME, Italy, 10 August 2012 – Today's generation of young people, defined by the United Nations as those aged 15 to 24, is the largest in history. In the developing world as a whole, they make up on average 20 per cent of the population. Given such numbers, the potential of youth for economic development and social progress is practically boundless. Yet it remains largely untapped in rural areas, where many young people continue to abandon agriculture as a profession and migrate to cities due to lacklustre educational and employment opportunities.

Young people and their organizations need supportive partners in order to maximize their potential. As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said, "To unleash the power of young people, we need to partner with them." In keeping with that sentiment, the UN is using this year'sInternational Youth Day, 12 August, as a springboard to advance partnerships with youth.


To keep reading this fantastic article on GYIN click here! 

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Pape Samb and Four GYIN Ambassadors to address Boston Youth Conference

Phelps Stokes is very proud to announce their involvement with Millennium Campus Network, this fall that their annual conference. The Millennium Campus Conference will be held Sept 14-15 2012, at Northeastern University, for over a thousand American college students.

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