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Sara Kidibu

Francophone Assistant

Sara Kidibu joined the PAFE division at Phelps Stokes mid-September 2011. She is a junior at The George Washington University and is majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Africa and Development. She is particularly interested in studying development in East Africa. She began to develop a passion for development in Africa while working alongside her father who is the head of a non-profit organization in Raleigh, NC called COCOM (Congolese Community of North Carolina-Raleigh) that provides resources that facilitate the assimilation of Congolese immigrants in the Raleigh/Durham area as well as raises awareness for the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

She has worked with her father in terms of organizing events that raise awareness for the war and translating legal documents pertaining to immigrants who needed legal help. She hopes to learn more about how to promote development in Africa through education and other means while working with Phelps Stokes and to attend law school after college to study international law.

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