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Tiburce Igbaowo Chaffa

Tiburce is currently acting as the Phelps Stokes Web Content Fellow. Tiburce Igbaowo Chaffa has always been a curious individual, constantly probing and prodding any and every theory, question and contradiction.

In his early childhood he always held a strong desire for a role in politics and community enhancement and youth engagement to help his country. He built his goals in life around this childhood dream, the values taught by his Christian parents and the various experiences   he had have encountered and overcome as a teenager. In 2008, after his studies in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Ghana, Tiburce decided the time was now!

He proceeded and gradually succeeded to gather several friends who had the same mindset to form Jeunesse Revelation a group of young motivated people that aimed to educate peers to youth leadership and community development through which he spoke at many youth events.

The founder of Tee Motivations has led, participated in and spoke at many youth initiatives across the world such as The Global Youth Innovation Network forum and Fair 2011, Indian youth to business, ACE Conference 2012, ACE Global Village 2012 and is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact’s support Group.

In an effort to make his dream viable – which is to raise a new generation of commendable leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa – Tee Motivations has been working on an innovative African youth leadership program, made of a book Maximize Yourself, a comics and video versions. Others smart African young minds like Eric Muthoga, a US winning award Kenyan creative illustrator and Gorou Adama an Ivoirian marketing entrepreneur.

Tiburce Igbaowo Chaffa was born in Benin in West Africa on February 23rd 1985. He graduated in Literature and Philosophy at “Le Jardin des Elus” High School. He entered the University of Ghana- Legon after courses in the American school “International School of Benin” in June 2005.He has a background in Political Sciences, Communication and recently got a Business Analysis Certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis. He has worked with international companies and organizations like Tata Consultancy Services, Ecowas Bank for Development and Investment (EBID), the West African Bank for Development, Ovation International.

He defines his accomplishments and professional achievements as ever evolving and believe they will continue to shape him as an individual.