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Global Entrepreneurship and ICT


Global Entrepreneurship & ICT aims to stimulate youth leadership abilities, business management capacity and innovation through budding entrepreneurs around the world. These initiatives create connections amongst like-minded young entrepreneurs that facilitate the exchange of ideas, transfer of knowledge, access to new markets, establishment of key business partnerships, and greater opportunities for increasing income generation.  They also emphasize technical training in information and communications technologies, which increases the reach of our network of Global Leaders and improves their ability to access vital information.  Greater proficiency in new technologies opens the door to myriad opportunities in business, education, and professional development while nurturing the social fibers that are essential to creating self-sustainable global communities.


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Global Citizenship

Globalization has made the world an increasingly interconnected place where we must understand diverse perspectives, customs and cultural nuances in order to successfully promote sustainable development.  Phelps Stokes takes a proactive approach to fostering greater understanding and appreciation for this valuable diversity.  We strive to engender a sense of individual responsibility to contribute to the successful transformation – driven by globalization – that will make us all citizens of the world, rather than of a single nation, state, or tribe.  We believe that hands-on service-learning experiences contribute significantly to the development of strong, united communities, which are the backbone of our society. Phelps Stokes’ Global Citizenship programs bolster social inclusiveness by galvanizing civic action and promoting globally-minded dialogue that engages young leaders in discussion of pressing universal issues, their impact on our lives and the ability of Phelps Stokes’ programs to address them.

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Global Leadership

Global Leadership programs identify talented individuals who understand and appreciate diverse cultural expectations, values, and beliefs and cultivate their ability to motivate and inspire those around them. Global leaders are active youth with extraordinary potential and strong moral conviction who are encouraged to engage with the community as agents of positive social and economic change. Phelps Stokes’ Global Leadership programs aim to support and connect emerging leaders from around the world who are involved in a diverse range of organizations and industries at the local, national, and international level.  We not only provide resources and training to develop current leaders, but also encourage them to inspire others in their community to overcome the hardships and obstacles necessary to becoming successful future leaders

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Global Education

Our Global Education initiatives target academic and training institutions to support the development of resources and systems that directly contribute to enhanced intellectual capacity, increased access to quality educational opportunities, and improved professional and technical skills of students around the world.

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