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National Homecomers Academy (NHA)

In America, 2.2 million people are currently in prison. Add those on probation or being supervised on parole and the total jumps to 7.2 million. Each year 650,000 people will leave prison. Another 750,000 are already out and being supervised under parole. Two out of three coming out of prison will be back in two to three years. We believe that providing tools, training and empowerment are integral to changing the fate of such Homecomers.

The National Homecomers Academy (NHA) is dedicated to increasing opportunities for the successful integration of returning citizens. The academy’s curriculum is based on holistic education, which is essentially about understanding “mind, body, and spirit”. NHA embeds these principles by assisting Homecomers to redefine themselves as community change agents, thus removing the stigma of past identities.  Rather, it helps to associate them with actions that genuinely contribute to the betterment of their respective communities. NHA works to create a new paradigm by empowering Homecomers to redefine themselves as students, social contributors, mentors and guides to those who follow them in making the transformational journey “home.”

NHA seeks to cultivate community leaders, create student enterprises that provide access to occupations requiring special licenses, prepare documented work records, and build a new kind of extended family for Homecomers and their children. Currently based in Washington D.C., partnerships have been made throughout the United States, and interest has grown to expand the program in a number of European, Central American, South American, and African countries. NHA works in the Glencrest Make A Difference House located on 5062 Kimi Gray Court SE Washington D.C. The Make A Difference House provides a fun and safe recreational house for Homecomers and their community. The NHA Center for Healing is located on 1733 Trinidad Avenue NE Washington DC. This is the NHA main office and center for data collection, Homecomer orientation, meeting room and gallery.