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Search for Emerging Afro-Descendent Leaders

Africa’s history with colonization, external threats of violence and sublimation, and the spread of debilitating and life-threatening diseases, has marked Africa as a struggling region in the world community’s mind. Senegal is no exception to this perception; this small country on Africa’s western coast is home to more than 12 million people, more than 60% of whom (about 7.2 million people), however, is illiterate. Afro-descendants living elsewhere in the world have endured similar struggles with few resources and limited opportunities. In the United States, African-Americans comprise the majority of the total prison population. In Haiti, where over 95% of the population is Afro-descendant, infrastructure damage from natural disasters, misguided economic policy and frequent epidemics have hindered progress in education and social programs. In this environment, it is increasingly difficult for Afro-Haitian leaders to access the resources needed to pursue initiatives designed to improve community wellness.


SEAL aims to identify young leaders in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, and the United States in order to provide them with unparalleled opportunities for professional and leadership development. The search is primarily conducted by coordinating a global competition amongst top young talents in Business, Journalism, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Social Entrepreneurship. Candidates with the most potential for future success are invited to an international summit  in the United States where they present their projects and winners are awarded a full year of tuition at a partnering university and/or a year-long internship at a top company in the industry they aspire to enter.  This is a unique opportunity for participants and multi-national corporations alike to contribute to the development of a new generation of global leaders.