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Manuel Santa Coloma Villa Fund

The children of Choco are amazing! They have lived through the brutality of war and the emotional trauma of losing family members and their homes, yet their resiliency and their determination to build better lives remains strong. The Manual Agustin Santa Coloma Villa School has given the children the hope and the opportunity for an education. However, the conditions of the building are deplorable – unhealthy and unsafe. Mayor Adrian Fenty has noted that the roof is caving in and the bathroom facilities are unsanitary. Although they realize that education is the way to accomplish their hopes and dreams, the building conditions present yet another challenge to children who have already been through so much.

What better way to encourage the resiliency, determination and spirit of these students than to help provide an opportunity for an education in an environment that is a testament to what can be achieved by the human spirit – re-birth, new purpose and new hope. Let’s work together to support the renovation of this building, to make a comfortable, safe learning environment for these hopeful students. Let’s encourage this re-birth, this new purpose and this new hope at the Manuel Agustin Santa Coloma Villa School. Together we can make this happen and be part of another re-birth – that of hope and dreams to be fulfilled.

Support the children of Manuel Agustin Santa Coloma Villa School by donating to the Manuel Santa Coloma Villa Fund now.