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Corporate Sponsorships

Make Your Money Do More

Our approach to Corporate Sponsorship goes beyond most companies’ traditional philanthropic or Corporate Social Responsibility mandates by identifying opportunities for Sustainable Value Creation (SVC).  The concept of SVC revolves around the convergence of social and business benefits that are derived from corporate investments addressing fundamental societal issues.  However, identifying these issues and determining how different solutions will affect a company’s bottom line are often some of the most difficult tasks associated with this process.  That’s where we come in.  Phelps Stokes staff is dedicated to helping your company recognize which programs best address the underlying social issues that can ultimately affect your business.  Not only do we pinpoint and prioritize relevant societal circumstances affecting specific industries and business operations, we also analyze trends that can indicate potential opportunities for SVC in the future.

As a principal sponsor, you may choose to finance any program within one of our four primary service lines: Global Education, Global Leadership, Global Entrepreneurship & ICT, and Global Citizenship.  Please read through the brief overview of our service lines, corresponding programs, sponsorship benefits and incentives that appears below. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or providing alternative means of collaboration, please click here or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


  • Company name will precede the Program name in all publications and promotional material referring to the Program throughout the duration of the sponsorship.
  • Company logo will be included in all publications and promotional material referring to the Program throughout the duration of the sponsorship.
  • All programs within the service line will recognize the Service Line corporate sponsor as their parent sponsor in all publications, promotional materials and other press throughout the duration of the sponsorship.
  • The corporate sponsor’s logo and functional links to CS designated webpage(s) will appear on the newly renovated Phelps Stokes website throughout the duration of the sponsorship.
  • Opportunities will be made available for company employees to participate in program activities where appropriate, which has been proven to enrich corporate culture, boost employee morale and diffuse a sense of genuine ownership of the Program throughout the company.
  • Value generated through the company’s association with Phelps Stokes Global Programs:
    • Increased Brand Value (“Goodwill”)
    • Increased awareness of the company’s commitment to social responsibility, resulting in greater community acceptance of local operations.
  • Direct access to an expansive network of highly skilled, educated individuals who can support corporate management, growth, public relations, and myriad other areas to contribute added value.  Investing in Global Leaders through Phelps Stokes helps companies identify top talent around the world and drastically reduce recruiting costs.
  • Comprehensive Program impact reports will be submitted to the corporate sponsor on a quarterly basis.
    • While Phelps Stokes’ Programs have established objective indicators to reflect specific outcomes, we remain flexible to incorporate specific outcome indicators of particular importance to a given Sponsor and will work with them to include such data in our quarterly reports, insofar as it is feasible. 
  • All investments provided to Phelps Stokes are tax deductible under IRS Tax code as a 501 (c) 3 registered non-profit organization.