Hedge trimming – A guide to why it is important


With the right timing, you won’t have to trim your hedges frequently. The timing helps you maximize their cover and thickness and improves flowering. Before you begin trimming your hedges, you must identify what type of hedges you have and how best they are to be cut. This shouldn’t be difficult, provided you have the best manual hedge clippers.This article highlights a few tips that ensure your bushes look sharp and neat.

Hedge trimming

Why do we trim our hedges?

gfhfghfghgfhfghThe plant species that are best suited for hedge trimming are bougainvillea, conifer, duranta, lavender, azalea, rosemary, murraya, westringia, and viburnum. To receive the full traditional hedge look, you can either hire professional or do it yourself. The most popular trimming shapes are the square or wedge shape. This design sets a wider base and a narrow top. A professional will know how to trim different varieties of hedges. They also provide advice on the best hedge varieties that suit your garden.

How to go about hedge cutting

You can tie masking tape on bamboo poles (that hold your tomatoes) to guide you on the height to maintain. When trimming your hedges electrically or manually, you will have a clear vision of the level you are to maintain. This saves a great deal of time as the tape firmly sticks onto the leaves along this line. For those with many bushes, the results can be disastrous.

The best time to cut your hedges to size is during the spring. This is just before the leaves appear. When trimming, cut out any dead or broken branches. Trim the hedge down to its base. You can gauge how healthy or thick your hedge is by looking at its height and shape. Start by cutting the side-branches six inches shorter than you want them to be. This ensures that they remain smooth and even.

The top of the hedge should be cut 12 inches shorter as you shape if on the sides. It’s always best to shape it in a manner that resembles its natural appearance. This makes it much easier to maintain. A round top takes a natural look and is easy to maintain. Give your hedge enough room to row to their desired height. Trim them regularly so as to maintain their shape. Keep on trimming the hedge regularly while ensuring they do not exceed the 12-inch limit.

Safety tips to consider

gfhghfghfghfghgfhAs you cut and trim your hedges, always give safety top priority. Accidents involving hedge cutters or trimmers can get your arms, fingers or any other body part when improperly used. Always have your safety glasses on to prevent a splinter from coming into contact with your eye.

When you complete cutting and trimming your hedges your yard assumes a beautiful appeal that attracts your neighbors. When trying to sell a home, beautiful hedges are an extra value addition and can prove to your unique selling point.


Owning a home means you have to keep it neat. The space at your backyard is perfect for holding garden or dinner parties. So it is important that the bushes or hedges look neat. Overgrown hedges should be cut to size using lawn equipment or hedge trimmers. Birds will avoid nesting on trimmed hedges. Yard work is quite involving and takes time.