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3rd Glenncrest Community Garden Meeting
The Glenncrest MADH and Dreaming Out Loud would like to invite all members of the Glenncrest neighborhood, community volunteers and organizations, to our third Community Garden Meeting.

In America, 2.2 million people are in prison. Add those in jail, on probation, or being supervised on parole and the total jumps to 7.2 million. Each year 650,000 people will leave prison. Another 750,000 are already out being supervised on parole. Two out of three coming out of prison will be back in two to three years. Something has to change.
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Community Outreach

NHA is actively involved within its community on many levels.
The Glenncrest Make a Difference House (MADH)

Center for Healing (CFH)
Statistical Data
DC Mayoral Proclamation

More Statistical Data:
National Homecomers Academy 2009-2010 Year 1 Evaluation Report


Take a look at NHA’s latest video. Curtis Watkins is interviewed about NHA. (Read more)
In the News

September 15 – The Washington Post highlights the great work of NHA’s Community Change Agents as they participate in morning patrols aimed at giving kids ‘Safe Passage’ to school in the DC area.
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DC’s East of the River Newspaper Highlights the Great Efforts of NHA

Partners and Supporters

NHA would like to thank its partners and supports for their great efforts. (Read more)
Meet the Team

The NHA team works diligently to meet the needs of its community.
Meet the NHA Team.
Meet the NHA Advisory Board